100% Natural & Vegan
Made in 🍁 for Canadians — Tailored For You.

Long-Term Allergy Relief

Made in 🍁 for Canadians — Tailored For You.

Long-Term Allergy Relief

We help you overcome your allergies.
For Good.

We treat the source of your allergies using immunotherapy—not just your symptoms.


No needles or visits to the doctor’s office needed.

Long-term relief

Easy + Convenient

Treatment @ Home

Allergy Care Plan

Get the source of your allergies treated...not just your symptoms.
$ 650* Per Year (w/ Insurance)
  • Allergy testing by LifeLabs
  • 100% custom & natural treatment plan
  • Treatment delivered to your home
  • 24/7 access to our care team
  • Access to our digital care tools


Download The App

Sign up for treatment, get tested, meet with our clinicians, track your progress & get rewarded for following your treatment plan—all in one place, on your schedule with the Biscuit Health App. 


Get Tested

Get tested at one of our partner clinic locations, or at your local LifeLabs. Our AI-powered model uses your test results to customize your treatment plan along with your goals.


Meet Your Clinician

Once your results are in, you’ll meet your clinician over a video call in the app to review your treatment plan together, and discuss any questions you have before your treatment is shipped to you.


Treatment Delivered

Once your custom-tailored treatment is delivered to your doorstep, your care coach will reach out in the app to walk you through your first dose, and show you how you can keep track of your progress.

How It Works

Why we exist

Allergies get in the way of living life…and the way we treat them is broken.

You’re either stuck popping Claritin / Benadryl on the regular, or visiting your doctor 3x per week for allergy shots.


That’s why we’ve created Biscuit Health. We combine the convenience of telemedicine with the permanent relief of immunotherapy. 


We strive to offer the best possible patient experience, and exist to serve our communities.

Patient Centric

Biscuit Health exists for the sole reason of enabling access to better health & quality of life for our communities. We're committed to ensuring everything we design & create contributes to a net positive experience for our patients.

Innovate for Impact

As a public benefit company, and certified B-Corp, we are committed to doing our part in fixing the antiquated and inefficient health care system in Canada. Beyond innovating for better patient experiences, and striving to improve the health of our communities, we're always looking for ways we can do our part to ensure sustainability of our planet, and are committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2024.


We realize we can’t accomplish everything on our own. Working together with our communities as a team is imperative in helping us achieve our impact & accessibility goals. We’re excited to partner with others who share our passion for making better health care more accessible & convenient for Canadians.

Our Mission

Real relief is nothing to sneeze at


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Ditch the meds, be #AllergyFree

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